Domain Keys Plugin for SquirrelMail

This plugin adds DomainKeys signing to SquirrelMail.


This plugin REQUIRES openssl to be compiled into PHP.

To use this plugin effectively, you must have access to your DNS TXT records.
You must also create public and private keys for your domain.  SquirrelMail
must be able to access your private key file.  The $domain variable in
SquirrelMail's config/config.php must be set to the correct domain.

Create your keys:

Replace {your_domain.com} with your domain in the following commands.

mkdir /etc/domain_keys
openssl genrsa -out /etc/domain_keys/{your_domain.com}.private.key 1024
openssl rsa -in /etc/domain_keys/{your_domain.com}.private.key \
 -pubout -out /etc/domain_keys/{your_domain.com}.public.key

Add this to your BIND zone file for the domain:

_domainkey.{your_domain.com}.  IN  TXT "o=-; r=postmaster@{your_domain.com}; t=y"
beta._domainkey.{your_domain.com}.  IN  TXT "k=rsa; p={your_public_key}"

Replace {your_public_key} with the contents of
/etc/domain_keys/{your_domain.com}.public.key with the BEGIN line, END line
and line feeds removed.

INSTALL domainkeys plugin:

1) Unzip this plugin in /plugins.
2) Copy Deliver.class.php to /class/deliver/.
3) Copy Rfc822Header.class.php to /class/mime/.
4) Enable domainkeys plugin.

The .old files are backup copies of the modified files.  They should be
identical to the ones shipped with Squirrelmail 1.4.2.

How to send e-mail in the modern age.

Download the plugin

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