Bible Study

Bible Gateway
Several versions of the Bible in several languages. This site includes the NIV.

Bible History
The History of the World from a Biblical Perspective

Bible Maps
A Clickable map of Bible lands

Bible Study Tools
Lots of Bibles, lots of helps. A pretty good site to study the Bible.

A Christian portal with bible study and articles

Unbound Bible
Another Bible search site.

Christian Apologetics

Answering Islam
Articles about Islam and how it differs from Christianity.

Christian Answers Network
Lots of information about apologetics, and other Christian issues.

Institute for Creation Research
Information about the Creation / Evolution debate.

Stand to Reason
Information about abortion, apologetics, ethics, euthanasia, Evolution, homosexuality, philosophy, science, and theology.

Christian Authors

C.S. Lewis Writings in the Public Domain
Most of the writtings of C. S. Lewis are still under copyright and must be purchased at a bookstore, but some are in the public domain and are readable on the Net.

Max Lucado
Max Lucado is well-known for his inspirational and practical devotions.

Christian Reading and Information

Catholic Encyclopedia
A huge resource of Christian information. While the content is aimed at Catholics, there is a lot of relevant information for all Christians.

Project Gutenberg
Thousands of books you can download and read for free!

The Online Books Page
16,000 online books in every category.


Christian Classic Ethereal Library
This library contains enough reading for a lifetime. This is a good place to go to find primary sources for many writers that have had a profound impact on Christianity from very early to somewhat recent times.

Christian History Institute
Part of the GospelCom Network, these pages have a massive amount of Christian history.

Guttenberg Bible Images
Scanned images of the entire Guttenberg Bible for viewing online.

Sketches of Church History
An excellent overview of the history of the Church from its foundation to the Reformation.

The Ecole Initiative
A virtual encyclopedia of church history.

The Restoration Movement
Reading the history of the restoration movement including some of the writtings of those worked to restore the Church back to what God intended.


Missions International

Online Resources for Christian Missions

Pioneer Bible Translators
These people translate the Bible into the languages of the people that have no Bible!

The CIA World Factbook
This is a good site for information about every country on the planet.

The Gideons
These people distribute countless Bibles all over the world.

Voice of Martyrs
Information about persecuted brothers and sisters in Christ around the world.

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