David's Open Source Projects

Chora Bible Maps is a tool to generate Bible maps.

Greek by Reading is a new way to learn New Testament Greek.

Unnamed DNS Server un-names unwanted dns entries.

LUA MySQL client is a Lua implementation of the MySQL client protocol.

Lcrypt is a basic Lua cryptography toolkit.

Facebook Unicode Font Generator

Domain Keys Plugin for SquirrelMail is a plugin that signs outgoing messages from SquirrelMail with Yahoo's DomainKeys headers.

PHP Sniffer is a simple packet sniffer written in PHP without PCAP.

PHP/Javascript Jigsaw Puzzle Generator creates jigsaw puzzles from a directory of jpeg images. Warning: IE does not support PNG transparency.

Online Cross Stitch Wizard helps create cross stitch patters from photos.

Asterisk PHP integrates PHP into Asterisk, freeing it from AGI.

Asterisk Gateway Interface for PHP makes writing Asterisk AGI and Manager applications easy in PHP.

Templating TFTP Server is a php script that allows dynamic files to be served via TFTP.

DHCP Server Detector is a php script that looks for rogue DHCP servers.

DOCSIS Config is a php library to encode binary configuration files for DOCSIS cable modems.

PHP snmplib is an SNMP implementation in PHP. Based on this project.

PHP Version Checker is a code analyzing tool to help determine the minimum PHP version and extensions required to execute a given PHP script.

Simple Equation makes it simple to put equations on the Web. It does not bother the user with the layout of the equation; it just displays it. The focus is on being simple to use.

Graph Drawer will try to draw a graph in a visually appealing way. Based on this project.

Tree Drawer will draw a basic tree diagram and generate associated imagemap code.

P3P Generator will generate the reference file, the individual policy XML files, the individual human-readable policy files, and the HTTP headers for the compact policies, as defined in the W3C standard.

Noah's Ark Concentration is a simple JavaScript concentration game.

JavaScript Othello is a very simple position-based game AI.

JavaScript BASIC is a simple BASIC interpreter.

Plot 3D is a 3D equation plotter written in Java.

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